Receiving a Recording when Calling 911 - Do Not Hang Up

Occasionally, usually during severe storms with wide-spread power outages, more 911 calls are made than can be answered. During these times, after a few rings the caller will receive a recorded message letting the caller know that they have dialed 911 and all telecommunicators are busy. The recording wil instruct the caller to stay on the line, except if they are calling to report a power outage. If this is the case, the caller will be instructed to call their electric provider.

Even during these busy times, callers should not hang up once they have dialed 911. Even with a hang up, we still receive your phone information, and have to call back and verify that you do not need assistance; this could delay help for someone else who needs it.

If you dial 911 by error, simply let the call-taker know when they answer the call. The call-taker may ask some questions to verfify that the call was dialed in error and that you truly do not need help.

If you have questions about calling 911, feel free to contact Chester County Department of Emergency Services at 610-344-5000 and ask to speak with someone in the 911 Operations Division or Public Information Officer.

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