Mark D. Kocsi
x 106 chief [at]
Eugene A. Babetski
x 129 g.babetski [at]
Steven R. Leifholt
x 111 s.leifholt [at]
Glenn Mooney
x 108 g.mooney [at]
Mark Twaddell
x 127 m.twaddell [at]
James R. Ferraro
x 113 j.ferraro [at]
  Patrol Officer
Steven Tyree
x 128 s.tyree [at]
Daniel Orris
x 116 d.orris [at]
  Patrol Officer
Beau Shephard
x 119 b.shephard [at]
  Patrol Officer
John Hayes
x 126 j.hayes [at]
  Patrol Officer
Jeremy Lanza
x 110 j.lanza [at]
  Patrol Officer
Jeffery Yankanich
x 120 j.yankanich [at]
  Patrol Officer
Cyle Harnish
x 107 c.harnish [at]
  Patrol Officer
Juan Lemus
x 117 j.lemus [at]
  Patrol Officer
Maureen Rae
x 125 m.rae [at]
    Administrative Assistant
Rose Jamison
x 101  

Email addresses are listed name [at] in an effort to reduce the amount of spam emailed to the police mail server. To contact personnel please type the email address shown replacing [at] with the @ symbol. Thank you.

Email addresses and phone extensions are provided for convenience only. In an emergency dial 911.

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